Floo Teleportation


Right clicking a connected line of bricks with a Floo Sign will turn them into Floo Bricks and create a Floo Fireplace. When you are holding Floo Dust while standing on top of Floo Bricks & type a message in chat you will be teleported to the fireplace which name is closest to the message you typed. The name of a fireplace is defined by the name of the Floo Sign used to create it (Rename it in an Anvil). Fireplaces without a name can still be used to teleport but can’t be teleported to. Players will arrrive facing the opposite direction you were facing while creating the fireplace.

You can also craft Floo Tokens which allow you to use the Floo Network on the go without a Fireplace, simply throw them on the ground and wait a bit. A “temporary fireplace” will appear that you can use like a normal brick fireplace.

Instead of having Floo Powder in your hand you can also have a floo pouch anywhere in your inventory. It holds 128 Floo Powder and is filled with floo powder from your inventory when you shift right click it.